Tubular Swells + Stormriders DVD

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Dick Hoole & Jack McCoy made these two feature-length films. 

In Search Of Tubular Swells was their debut film, 1976. 

Stormriders was their second film (launched 1982). 

Buy them both now for $50 including freight in Australia.

* both come with an original printed movie theatre handbill! 

* both can be signed by the filmmaker, on request. 

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You can read an interview with the ABC here, with Dick Hoole discussing those early days of surf film making. 

StormRiders discover the exotic jungles of Sumatra, Java, romantic Bali, Africa, Hawaii and the blistering desert outback of The Great Australian Bight.

Featured surfers are Mark Richards, Wayne Lynch, Rabbit Bartholomew, Gerry Lopez, Simon Anderson, Shaun Tomson, Joe Engel, Thornton Fallander, Peter McCabe and Tom Carroll.

The extensive soundtrack includes music by The Doors, Australian Crawl, Little River Band, Split Enz, Men At Work, Matt Finish, The Church, Sharon O'Neill and more!


In Search Of Tubular Swells (1976) shot in Australia, Hawaii, Bali and remote locations Indonesia. Rabbit Bartholomew, Larry Bertlemann, Ian Cairns, Terry Fitzgerald, Michael Ho, Gerry Lopez, Michael Peterson, Rory Russell, Mark Richard, Shaun Tomson, Peter Townend and Mark Warren. 

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