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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

The RIDE - book


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The Author of 'The Ride', Richard Graham, started the US SURFING magazine in the early 1960s. 

*this book is only available in Australia through not in shops. 

*Won't be couriered until March 6th. 

*Australian customers only. 



Midget Farrelly’s new V-bottom design

Spirited Competition from:


Huntington Beach

Puerto Rico

US East Coast




Maui 1969 – Another Planet

“Surfing Hall Of Fame” inductions

First Expression Session (free form surfing exhibition)

Featuring bonus chapters of: 

First World Skateboard Championships

'My Book “The Ride” conveys the early years of establishing the Magazine and illustrates the evolution and advancements related to wave riding around the world, including the male and female personalities of the era, the equipment and a look at the early years of amateur and professional competition. The luxury of riding reef or shore break surf in clear warm water on a glassy summer morning is what it’s all about … “The Ride”.' Richard Graham (Author)

“The Ride” alludes to these stories and more, rides of all types, on both land and sea … from which is composed the fascinating journey of one Richard Graham.” – Steve Pezman (The Surfers Journal) 

*this book will cost you $75US if you order one copy from the Author. We pre-ordered a few boxes to satisfy the Australian collectors. Enjoy. 

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