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The Inner Most Limits of Pure FUN - DVD

This is one of a handful of surfing films we stock...because it is simply a must have, like the others Ride A White Horse & In Natural Flow & Children of The Sun. 

This film, 'The Inner Most Limits Of Pure FUN' is the only feature length film that George Greenough ever made and that alone should be enough for every surfer on the planet to want one. Yes, George contributed to 'Crystal Voyager' and other films, as camera person or as a surfer, but Greenough MADE this film and it is FUNKY. 

Great soundtrack by 'The Farm'....the collectible vinyl record that was released in 1970 now fetching big $ in the collectible market. 

We cant say enough about this film, shot in the Winter of 1969 and the Winter of 1970 as Greenough chased an 'Endless Winter' - at the same time as everyone was hoodwinked by the Summer. 1969 on longish boards, 1970 on shorties. Ted Spencer, Greenough, Chris Brock are the trim masters, but the real star of the film are the empty waves and beautiful style around Lennox Point and Angourie in a different time. 

The film closes with Greenough's iconic 'Coming Of The Dawn' sequence, shot from inside the tube at Lennox Head - the first ever 'in-the-tube' footage in recorded history.

Is that enough?


Should be $100!

Patty Irons did all the original art that is on the films 'story boards' and you can buy prints from her. 


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