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'The lost journals of the original surf explorer.'

Peter Troy OAM

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Peter Troy's travels are the stuff of surf legend. Folklore. An original and influential figure in the early days at Bells Beach, Troy left Australia in 1963 on a boat bound for England and he had no set plans. He roamed the planet with surfboard under arm, from Europe to Hawaii, South America to Africa, introducing surfing to Brazil and discovering untold perfect waves, like Nias off the coast of Sumatra. Travel became his life. Famed hitch-hiking adventures, a cargo ship on deck gypsy-like passages to remote islands, sailing, hiking, meeting strangers and going on a journey of discovery.

Troy was a pioneer, comparing lugging his balsa longboard around the globe to traveling with a grand piano. But his surfboard was his letter of introduction and his trail-blazing adventures etched his name into surfing folklore, inspiring a generation to look beyond their local beach. He documented every step of his remarkable journey in letters home, which remained undiscovered until his untimely death in 2008. This is his story.

"Meeting Peter Troy as a wide-eyed surfer in my 20s, there was immediately something very different about him. If you wanted to teach a kid about how traveling the world can make you are more 'worldy' person, well here was Troy stood next to me on a beach not far from the island off the coast which he once owned and cared for. Troy wasn't about travel for the sake of ticking off boxes on some arbitrary list, it was about experiencing the people and the culture. About arriving in a timely manner and getting into the pace of the local rhythms, learning about history and seeking out interesting people. History would turn out to be his other major passion aside from surfing -  He is one of 3 Australian surfers to receive an acknowledgment from the Queen of England. The others are Midget Farrelly and Mark Richards. Troy's travels in the 1960s and 70s are brilliantly outlined in this book, where somehow all the letters he handwrote home to his family in Australia were preserved and they wind into an interesting story and outline an era of innocence and the fledgling nature of surf travel.' Andrew Crockett 

- This is the second edition of this book, and is a softcover.

- The first edition sold out, it was a hardcover.


- 2000 copies of the 2nd edition were printed and available as of August 2019.

The Switch-Foot II book was dedicated to Peter Troy and holds extensive interviews with him.  

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Rest in peace Peter Troy...what a fine man. 


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