Noosa National Park 1964

Size Guide

Photo by Mal Sutherland 

Taken on Sunday the 5th April 1964 on Kodak 400 ASA 35mm film. 

In the photographers own words;

'This photo was taken on the Sunday when the surf was less than half the size of Saturday (12/15foot and no photos???). There was only 10 or 12 surfers out the 4 or 5 good surfers were taking off at the Boiling Pot the Kooks were way out on the shoulder.  Hayden Kenny, Algie Grud, Polo Wilson and Moby Wort were a couple. I didn’t surf on Sunday because I totalled my board on Saturday (only one board in those days) otherwise I wouldn’t have these photos.'

Mal Sutherland. 

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