Kevin Platt Angourie

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Photo by Ron Perrott...we put this up, just for the memories of Kevin Platt one of the unsung heroes of the 60s surfing culture. The photo is beautiful...if any family members want one - write to us and we will put you in contact with Ron Saggers, who manages Ron Perrott's photo archives. 


Kevin Platt 1944 - 2000

Small waves … I like ’em, they’re happy, leave the water exhausted, bubbling with fun. With these little boards you don’t have time to think of anything else, you’re flowing all of the time. If it’s really the pure enjoyment of nature that keeps me surfing, then I know that smooth waves, glassy curls are all I really need. Kevin Platt

Bob McTavish: Platty was a uniquely stylish surfer in the Phil Edwards/Midget Farrelly mould in the early sixties, and did the Hawaii run very early. He started shaping then, doing very sweet heavy trimming boards at Keyos and Woodsy’s too. He was an important figure in the ‘shortboard revolution’ of the 1960s.

His mum and Dad started Platt’s shorts in about 63 and opened a very early surf shop in Dee Why in about 65. He was one of my best buddies through ’67 to ’75. We shared many great times, and a few hard times where he helped me out with a place to crash.

We shaped at Hayden’s at Alexandra Heads through 65, as marijuana snuck into our scene via visiting Yanks. Revolutionary thinking erupted.

He opened his little factory in Sunshine Beach, Noosa in 1970, and that’s when I met my wife Lynn. We hung at Platty’s endlessly, shaping downstairs, partying upstairs. Surfed our brains loose and developing down rails, twin fins and funky experimental glassing. You get the sense of the guy … quietly spoken with a very active mind, a prolific reader, guitarist, funny and a great surfer. It’s a pity drugs and alcohol grabbed him, and his later years were vague. At his funeral in Casino there was only our old mate Ugh Andreas and me from the surfing tribe. Tragic.






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