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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia


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This is a BIG book. I wrote a review at the bottom. Very impressed. 

454 pages BIG and it has interviews with most of the people who knew Keith Paull well from Bing Copeland in the USA to Wayne Lynch in Australia.

The list of surfers who have written a chapter include;

- Nat Young

- Bob McTavish

- Albe Falzon

- Peter Townend

- Robert Conneeley

- Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew

- Max Bowman

- Garry Birdsall

- Mick Hopper

- Jeanette Krohn

- Gordon Merchant

- Randy Rarrick

- Jack McCoy

- Chris Brock

- Baddy Treloar

- Stephen Cooney

- David Sumpter

- Kiwi White

- Greg Ryan

- Paul Neilsen

- Mal Chalmers

- Terry Baker

- Al Hunt

- Ross & Tony Phillips

- Tommy Peterson

- Billy Grant

- Richard Harvey

And Colette Paull


'My first impression is just a giant WOW! To interview that many people on a character as fringe as Keith Paull and to print 1000 copies and dedicate that much time and professionalism to his legacy, it is just really heartwarming to see. Occasionally the surfing tribe come together and do something beautiful and this book is definitely coming from a beautiful place of respect and admiration for a surfer who was, by all reports, one of the giants of Australian surfing in the 1960s. The dapper Keith Paull, the 1968 Australian Surfing Champion who once 'held court' at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. The sad and troubling turn of events that happened to Keith in the early 1970s make for an intriguing read and a sad ending, but the end result of this book is a testament to the magic that Keith had in his prime and his contributions to Australian surfing culture and board design.' Andrew Crockett


Photography from Dick Hoole, Albert Falzon, Jack McCoy, John Witzig, Greg MacGillivray and more. 

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