Endless Summer - The BOOK

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We have 3 of these in stock, also comes with the Endless Summer beach bag and a signed film canister, where Bruce Brown wrote 'Aloha' and signed it.

Bruce Brown signed 50 of those film canisters...these are the only ones in Australia.  

Released by Bruce Brown films in 2016 this book package came onto the market at $700US each. 

Celebrating 50 years since the iconic Endless Summer was released in 1966. 

1966 copies were printed and each one is unique, sequentially numbered, and signed by

Each of the 1966 sets includes a large collection of unique pieces, such as;

  • 5-frame film strip from the film (each one is unique to the set)
  • 200-page book signed by Bruce, Robert, Mike and John. 
  • Reproduction of the world map used for planning the trip
  • Posters, personal letters, tickets, flip-books
  • Re-mastered DVD of the film
  • Commemorative medallion

There is a 5 minute video about this package at the bottom of this page. 

The books originally cost $200 each to make. 

Bruce Chambers made 1966 of them.

Every one of them is a piece of art, individually hand-signed and numbered with a letter of authenticity.


If you want just the book package and not the beach bag and signed film canister please email andrew@beyondthegreen.org and advise which country you are in and he will advise if possible. 





The Endless Summer 50th anniversary Box Set and Book from Bruce Brown Films on Vimeo.