Children of the SUN - DVD

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Children of the Sun will stir memories of the happiest days in any surfers life... those uncomplicated hot sunny days... no crowds... never to be forgotten fun filled days. 

Filmed in 16mm, circa 1965-67, around the virgin coastline of New Zealand and the classic points of Noosa Heads, Australia. 

Features six-time NZ champion Wayne Parks. Wayne's artistic flowing style of surfing is matched by Australian legends Russell Hughes (rip), Bob McTavish and the incomparable Californian surfer George Greenough who shows the stand up surfers a new way of surfing on his spaceship-like 'spoon' during a time when most surfers were riding heavy Dfin longboards.

"The best longboard movie, bar none, from Australia." "A Visual Masterpiece" not since Endless Summer has a surf film projected such dazzling crisp and beautifuly executed images of the longboard life style."

 Bob McTavish, George Greenough, Russell Hughes, Wayne Parkes, 

In this cult surf film — this excerpt is the first seven minutes — Andrew McAlpine gets in the Chevy, chucks the longboard on the roof and follows a group of pioneering riders on a mission around New Zealand and Australian coastlines, from Piha to Noosa. Filmed from 1965 - 1967, the Kiwi Endless Summer evoked a laid-back era where the ride was the prize. The classic surfing scenes — some filmed from an onboard camera housed in a DIY perspex case — are scored to surf rock and interspersed with sunburnt, bikini-clad relics of 60s beach culture.


"The footage of National Park in Noosa in 1966 is a historical document that outlines how far ahead George Greenough truly was. There is very little footage of Greenough surfing, as he avoided cameras, if there is one document that illustrates his beautiful flowing style, this is it." Andrew Crockett author of the SwitchFoot books.


If you were a surfer in 1968 this video is a must have [...] never have a carload of surfers been more fun to hang with [...] a classic.
– The Surfer's Journal
We go for fun and we’ve thought about it often enough: fun. Every ride is a gift to be treasured, and remembered. You know there’s freedom out there: more freedom than you’ve ever felt before. You feel it as soon as you get out of the car. You see it and you hear it. It’s the surfing time and we can’t wait.
– From the narration
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