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Bump & Run is in the same ethos as the 'SwitchFoot' surfing books, loaded with vintage imagery/artwork and supported by words from the legend of golf including;

Peter Thomson (rip)

Kel Nagle (rip)

Jack Nicklaus

Gary Player

Sir Bob Charles

2 x major champion David Graham

- The man who was often 2nd to the great Jack Nicklaus, one of Australia's most successful players on the US PGA Tour; Bruce Crampton

- The legendary Bob Shearer

- Arguably the greatest Australian golfer in Japan, Graham Marsh

- Australia's female pioneer, 3 x major champion Jan Stephenson.

- The formidable golfing career of Bruce Devlin

- Australia's greatest ever Amateur, Tasmanian Peter Toogood.

- The man who broke over 80 course records Billy Dunk.

- The man who has done more for junior golf than anyone in Australia, Jack Newton. 

- 2 x Australian Open champion and Asian Tour pioneer Frank Phillips. 

plus, historically significant finds on

Norman Von Nida

Walter Hagen

Joe Kirkwood

Jim Ferrier

Ossie Pickworth and many others. 

'Bump & Run is one of the finest Australian golf books produced in decades and is a must for any golfer's library. I couldn't put it down.'  Brendan James (Editor, Golf Australia Magazine)

- Talking to the elders, seeking their advice and tips

- Australia's involvement in the birth of the Asian tour

- Up close with Australias most prolific professional tournament winner, Peter Thomson (1928-2017)

- Kel Nagle's final interview. 

- The watercolour art of world-renown Robert A Wade

- Folklore; myths and stories that are hard to believe.

- Bruce Crampton finally tells all. 

- Norman Von Nida (rare and unseen)

- The Australian Open tournament - how could it fall from the world stage?


The below review is by John W Fischer III from the United States and was published in 'Through The Green'.

Bump & Run, at the Feet of the Masters (243 pages), 

Group questions are on a range of subjects from golf at the middle of the 20th century and now, selection of golf clubs, golf course design and the best putter and the best ball striker the interviewees had seen. It was interesting how many thought Bobby Locke to be the best putter and Lee Trevino and Ben Hogan the best ball strikers. Regarding Locke, Jim Ferrier commented, he “uses an ancient hickory-shafted putter and a style that violates all principles, ancient and modern, except one: confidence in his ability to put the ball in the hole. His stance is unorthodox – feet close together with the ball opposite his left foot. Locke ignores the most sacred rule that the club should be taken back with the face at right angles to the direction of the putt, and swings the club in an arc, turning the face and rolling his wrists.” Jack Newton described Locke’s stroke thus, “he aimed to the right of the hole, as he did on all his golf shots, and he sort of shouldered it in.” Others commented in the same vein on Locke’s  confidence with his putting and his very personal style.

A special section is reserved for an interview with Robert Wade, an Australian artist many of whose paintings are used to illustrate the book. Bump & Run is presented well, illustrated with many historic photographs and, in addition to Wade's paintings, some wonderful evocative water colors by Jamie Kasdaglis who also did the book cover. There are also drawings and sketches by Harry Daily who did captions and titles in a hand-drawn font.

While the individuals in Bump & Run are mostly Australian, they were also golfers who played around the globe and are so well known they could be considered locals or neighbors. The book is unusual in its wide scope but nicely brought together by the author, and will be welcomed by any collector interested in the development of the international game.



'This book is a treasure trove of insights for all golfers.'

Peter Gompertz (Editor, 'The Long Game' journal of the Golf Society of Australia.)


'Open to any page and there is something for every golf lover.'

Richie Benaud (Cricketing legend)


' Wow! THAT was this scribe’s first reaction when Bump & Run landed on the sports desk.'

Rod Morris Sports Editor - The Border Watch Newspaper 


'A Fantastic book. I also really like his surfing books.'

Adam Scott (former World #1 golfer)


(Crockett was the last person to interview legendary golfer Kel Nagle, who died in 2015 aged 93.) 

- Bump & Run was launched at The World Cup of golf at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in November, 2013.
- Bump & Run is proudly located in the clubhouse of Augusta National, the home of the US Masters. 
- Bump & Run was endorsed by Golf Australia, IMG and the Professional Golfers Association.