Acumen book - interviews

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This book came out in 2011. 

Andrew Crockett interviewed 40 very different people and asked them all the same set of 31 thought-provoking questions that we all ask ourselves at some point. 

- the surfers interviewed in this book include David Rastovich, Lauren Hill, John Peck, Kuni Takanami, Ian 'Moti' Procter, Albert Falzon, Chris Dorje Walker and Bob Cooper. 

The 40 contributors, from all corners of the globe can be described as;

- Rockstar (Andy Fraser from the 1970s band Free)

- Wizard (Dennis Rastovich)

- Police sergeant 

- World champion surfers

- and a plethora of individuals including an aboriginal elder, a great grandmother, doctor, artist, stockbroker, yogi, monk, atheist, actress, software developer, supermodel, maori elder, composer, and a ten-year-old kid. 

Contributors from Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Denmark, Africa, Hawaii, Brazil, Barbados, Japan and Germany. 

Questions - 31 of them on a whole gamut of subjects ranging from health, diet, sustainability, ecology, the world population, technology, parental expectations, fear of death, suffering, fasting, depression. 

'my feeling at the time was to create a book that anyone could pick up, open to any page and engage with other people's thoughts on a subject worth investigating. Clearly inspired by the work of Sir Michael Parkinson and perhaps Andrew Denton, the intention was to help people who were feeling depressed. How? By reading other people's views and challenging their own views, perhaps that would be a litmus for massaging their own internal dialogue into a nicer picture.' Andrew Crockett

Illustrations by Harry Daily, photography by Keith Hamlyn. 

Paperback in A5 format.

365 pages