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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia


Got a feature wall you would love a vintage beach scene on? 

No glue is needed. 

In 2012 we started working with the wallpaper company in Melbourne, Australia. They contacted us and loved the feeling of our archives, we now have most of our images available as wallpaper. Printed in Australia, we ship worldwide for our wallpapers. 


Not a traditional wallpaper with glue, this is a modern technology that adheres to walls with an adhesive backing. It sticks to the wall, but can be removed very easily and the wallpaper re-applied elsewhere. No glue is needed. Read phototex link for more information. 

- washable with spray and wipe.

- durable and does not fade.

- will not remove paint from wall if you remove the wallpaper.  




Printed in strips that are 65cm wide, for easy application.

The largest wall we have done (to date) was over 7 meters wide.

Every order is custom, as we need you to measure the space including any windows, doors or oddities and then we provide the quote. Estimated pricing is between $70-$130 per square meter depending on which image you like and what royalties need to be paid to the photographers estate.   

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We can even go around doors and windows.

AND print non-surfing related scenes from our archives, or supplied to us by the customer. 

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