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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Marty Tullemans 1952-2020

 MIchael Peterson surfer by Martin Tullemans

Above: Michael Peterson, photo by Marty Tullemans. 

Martin Tullemans delivered some of the finest Queensland surfing images for Tracks Magazine in the 1970’s focusing on the golden tanned ‘coolie’ kids of that generation who later went on to be superstars and even surf industry executives. Unfortunately many of Martins’s classic images ended up in surf magazine archives during a period when they were not adequately treasured and consequently many of Martin’s images are tough to find, if at all.


 Martin Tullemans

In Martin Tullemans own words... "When your life force is tucked into the pulse and palm of nature’s hand in a tube or time capsule, both entities throbbing, fully alive on all that cosmic synchronicity jive you are briefly suspended and merged in timelessness. What is happening within is mirrored without…Before you can flow you have to learn to let go. We are pilgrims of the endless summer journey." "Doing the dance for dollars as opposed to doing the dance simply for the LOVE is as different as listening to heavy metal versus reggae music. The true goal of the surf journey is that it is a magic road to the endless summer where buried treasure lies."


Martin Tullemans on Michael Peterson... "Michael Peterson was surfing’s ‘dark knight’ and a positive came out of the negative of him holding back the marketing and progress of professional surfing becoming commercially viable. MP’s invite to the Hawaiian surf contest of the era, the Smirnoff Invitational, arrived the day the contest started. MP requested Martin Tullemans to take this photo, it appeared shortly after it was taken in Tracks Magazine. Surfings ‘dark knight’ raised the bar of surfing high performance that high, the other guys played catch up tennis. Michael busted down the door of surfing high performance and the other guys busted down the door of economic marketability." 

Marty was diagnosed with dementia in 2017 and he left us near Christmas 2020. His sister, Mary, is steadfastly preserving his imagery. 

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Martin Tullemans surfing photographer