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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Bob Weeks

Bob pictured with his iconic Currumbin Rock photo

Bob Weeks starting taking photographs, developing and printing them when he was 10 years old, way back in 1950s Sydney.
 Bob’s works are some of the finest in Australian surfing history.
Bob moved on from ‘surfing photography’ around ’66 outlining that ‘things changed’.
Bob Weeks has an award-winning collection that traverses many genres and six decades of passion, the sort of passion that keeps you awake at night tinkering with the possibilities.
Bob Weeks photography Hodaddy
Growing up in Sydney and surfing with his mates on the south side, in a time of plank riding and surfing innocence, Bob and his mates lived for the surf. Bob says that ‘the mood changed’, not just with surfing becoming popular, but also all his mates started getting married and surfing became more just for fun and real life took over.
Bob Weeks moved from Sydney to Woolgoolga, Northern NSW, in 1971 as soon as his first daughter was born, naturally seeking the country lifestyle for his children.
Today, Bob is just as stoked about photography and knows his way around the modern equipment and post production techniques like he was born in the technological age … from the early 1950s to today, the passion still burns.
Bob’s commitment to high quality photographic restoration and archival quality prints is a testament to his old school way of life … take your time and build things that will stand the test of time.