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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Albert Falzon



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Both of Albe's ‘Morning Of The Earth’ (film) and the early Tracks magazines are testament to an era in surfing that seems forever lost, but never forgotten ... an era that held a counter-culture statement to the mainstream ... it was a simple message of love and simplicity, and truth is, nothing has really changed. Albe is still living on the farm, caring for animals, surfing as much as possible, creating new films/books, but more importantly giving back to nature with his animal reserve, and most importantly enjoying surfing with a big smile on his face.

Albe spent years standing on the beach capturing photographs that are now iconic – these days he spends his time in the water. Albe was there in the golden era, right in the middle documenting it through Tracks magazine and it is no wonder he has such a treasure chest of surfing style and natural lines that the early 1970s seemed to nurture.

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One thing not to forget in all of this – Albe Falzon is an outstanding photographer of both still and moving pictures from the old school of film and pre auto-focus. We hope anyone who is interested in Albe Falzon will look beyond the surfing bubble into the real World life of this once Sydney kid, turned country kid who has travelled the World documenting all kinds of interesting material, and is still creating books and documentaries to this day.