This website is brought to you by the author of the 'Switch-Foot' surfing books  Andrew Crockett and has been operating online since 2001. You can read some of the testimonials below. 



Hodaddy offers a great gateway into fantastic creative surf orientated media. Andrews discerning eye for  DVD’s , T-Shirts , Memorabilia , Artist works,  prints, photography, Amazing books and one-off unique artworks are just  some of what the website has to offer. Over the last few years I have seen the site evolve into an awesome historical reference site for Surfing  of yesteryear whilst maintaining a finger on the pulse of the real surfing culture that continues today.  It’s a great site to find that something special for someone who loves surfing and all it embodies, without the mainstream retail feel.  Congratulations Andrew on the ever increasing body of quality work, can’t wait to see the new book.  

Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Halina Royle

I've bought a range of gear from Hodaddy online. The delivery is always on time and the quality has been great. I appreciate the personal touch. In today's corporate world it's great to see that 'human to human' is what Hodaddy is about.

R. Robins, Middleton, South Australia


I like your books, you get it ... Kingy boy.

Michael Peterson (r.i.p)


Turning through the Switch-Foot book is like sitting under a wise old tree that gives shade and shelter for the soul, and ripe fruit for thought.

David Rastovich 


Through your efforts, hodaddy continues to keep the 60's era alive. The top quality ‘Switch-Foot’ publications, Tee shirts & pictures allow those of us that grew up through this era, to maintain the stoke. For the younger folks, Hodaddy provides the true vibe of the 60's & helps explain why the phrase, "the good old days" was penned. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next book release with much anticipation.

Mark Stanek, Avalon Beach


In a world of superficiality, spin and hype combined with the facades of social media, Hodaddy has continued to stay true to the roots, passion and essence of what ‘that thing called surfing’ is all about. Without it (Hodaddy), there is no anchor to that source.

Jon Patton California


Small cottage industry company with dedication, love and soul, ... Hodaddy RIPS!"

Jack Mccoy (film maker and surfing elder)


I always look forward to the Hodaddy newsletters, so much good stuff that you won't come across just anywhere. A quality read every time. Keep them coming! As for the books, there's really nothing like it within the surfing publication universe. I got the first book however many years ago and it's still as relevant today as anything in our family's vast book collection. We are heavy readers. I happened to be living in Oz when number II was published and picked up my copy probably the day they came off the printers. I've yet to find a better hard bound book in terms of both quality photographic content and the stories, interviews. Can't wait to get my salty fingers on number three! Cheers for all the hard work you've put into the ‘Switch-Foot series. They really are masterpieces within the genre. 

Jamie.  Hatteras Island, NC, USA 


I am a surfer from the 60’s/70’s era, when waves were empty and time moved slow. Down here in Victoria we would wear a footy jumper in the surf to stay warm. Turn a page of your books and I am instantly back there, young and full of dreams. The world was a big place back then. Every surf was an adventure. As Christopher Columbus said, “ The sea brings men hope like sleep brings dreams.” 

Shane O'Brien


I just dig the work you guys are doing so much I have to tell you right here and right NOW.. it's so refreshing to see the 'other side' of the whole surfing thang done with so much passion and dedication.. Should be more of it in the world!  Love the books, the photos.  Keep it going!!

BARON VON WEIRDO The Esplanade, Bicheno, Tasmania


I have all the books they have made and recently bought one of their custom picture frames, made from an old window. Always good quality and always delivered on time. Keep up the good work.

Jono Perrin, Sydney.


The first two editions of Switchfoot are amongst the most valuable in my library. Congrats to Andrew and the team for all their research, design and presentation. It is second to none. Can't wait for #3.

George Leslie, Lennox Head, Aust.



We all very much enjoy the books and the newsletter/magazine, it allows the old team to get together, to chat, remember, reminisce, recall how good we all were, or thought we were….

Peter, south coast NSW. Australia


I have the Switchfoot books, the clothes and someone has the sticker on my old car, all of them have been used to within an inch of their existence and they still provide a vibe of inspiration all these years down the track. Can’t wait to get the next installment.

Keith Hamlyn, Noosa, Australia


Hodaddy products are classic and timeless. I'm looking forward to some new reading and listening material and know the Hodaddy team will bring me an eclectic mix of characters, places, boards and a new way of looking at life.

Andy Mark, South Coast NSW Australia


Really enjoyed the 1st Switch-Foot book & looking forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd volumes! Andrew is obviously completely stoked on surfing & it's history - just how a book should be put together!

Steve, Essex UK


I'm so stoked on my Switch-Foot book, it’s a permanent feature on our coffee table and provides plenty of stoke for me and my friends when they come round to visit. It's awesome. I've also worn my MP tee into the ground, loved it.

Andrew, (grown surfboards) Currumbin.



Andrew thanks for the articles, books and information over the past years. Nothing else like it.

Chris Forster, Australia


I was lucky enough to meet Andrew and get a signed copy of the first Switch-Foot book at the then Heritage Surf in Manly. I have spent many hours in the first and second books and love the content and pictures, makes me wish I was born a little earlier! Keep providing the stoke guys. Awesome job.

Steve "Squidy" Maughan, Eumundi, Queensland.


I bought Switchfoot II for my brother's 50th and in turn my wife bought it for me for mine. It is a magical book which captures the true essence of surfing, its soul. The photography and stories are all first rate. Highly recommended.

Andy Sydney NSW  


You might say I am lost in the 60's, which brings me back to your books. I greatly look forward to seeing your next one.

Rhys Faunce...


The books stand alone in the surfing genre and the t shirts they are making are always high quality, unique and delivered on time. Well impressed.

B.Harrison, Maitland NSW Australia


Just letting you know how much I love your work, it’s been great to be able to re-engage with at least some part of the surf media and culture without it being full of self-aggrandizing or pretentious wank. Your books make fabulous touchstones in the longer arc of surfing culture. 

Sturt Royle


Andrew 'AC' Crockett - creator of Hodaddy and the SwitchFoot books:

'Switch-Foot/Hodaddy started (1999) because there was nothing in Australian surfing media that represented what I believed in. The surfing magazines were all about the contest scene and the corporate products inter-twined with that side of surfing. I believed that surfing was more about the thrill of the ride, culture, the art of surfing, the joy, the stoke, the lifestyle, the music, the artists and the characters who choose this salty coastal existence.'

'The deeper I got into the culture of surfing, art and music the more evident it became that the era of the early to mid 1960s right through to the mid 1970s was where the real treasure lies with imagery, film, recordings and the free lifestyle we all naturally crave, as surfers.'

'The 60s were a decade of freedom like no other, but it was more than freedom – the 60s also contained all the surfboard design experiments that shaped how we ride waves, it bred innovation in photography, art and music - attracting artists and bona fide gurus. Surfers instinctively represented everything society was foraging for at the time – to sneer at authority, regime, status quo and the establishment. Through all the social turbulence of that era, surfers chose to walk away and follow their path to happiness.'

'Surfing changed in 1976, it went professional. The money came into the picture and splintered the culture - was it an art or a sport? While the surfing industry continues to this day to grapple with trying to make surfing into a legitimate sport, SwitchFoot/Hodaddy continues to sit way over on the other side; Surfing the artform, surfing the lifestyle and beachlife the utopian reward we strive for....but moreso, I managed to access most of the 35mm film imagery from this wonderful era and put it into the award-winning SwitchFoot trilogy and you can see more here.'

Want more? Here is a link to the books