Got a feature wall you would love a vintage beach scene on? 

No glue is needed. 

We have most of our images available as wallpaper. Printed in Australia on high quality phototex stock with adhesive backing, we ship worldwide for our wallpapers. 

Scroll to the bottom for our extensive list of frequently asked questions. 

You can watch video on how to instal.  

Not a traditional wallpaper with glue, this is a modern technology, printed in 700mm wide strips, that adheres to walls with an adhesive backing. It sticks to the wall, but can be removed very easily and the wallpaper re-applied elsewhere.


No glue is needed.

Read phototex link for more information. 

- washable with spray and wipe.

- durable and does not fade.

- will not remove paint from wall if you remove the wallpaper.  

- good for rental homes or home owners.

- great for commercial fit-outs, either with phototex or vinyl.

- suitable for splashbacks behind glass.


Above Horrie Budd surfing Kirra Point early 1960s. Installed at the Byron Bay youth hostel. Photo by Mal Sutherland. 

Above, Manly Wall 1964 by John Pennings. 

Above, Currumbin Rock by Bob Weeks. 




Printed in strips that are 70cm wide, for easy application.

The largest wall we have done (to date) was over 7 meters wide.

Every order is custom, as we need you to measure the space including any windows, doors or oddities and then we provide the quote. Estimated pricing is between $100-$150 per square meter, although sometimes it comes in cheaper - especially if the customer wants to use one of their own images. Final price depends on which image you like and what royalties need to be paid to the photographers estate, what the wall is made from, if it needs to be waterproof...and there are other variables.   

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We can even go around doors and windows.

AND print non-surfing related scenes from our archives, or supplied to us by the customer. 

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Frequently asked questions: 

Question: Do you need a professional installer?

Answer: No. Of the dozen images on this page, none of them were 'professionally' installed. It is one of the many beauties of this product.

Question: Could I instal this myself or do I need someone helping me. 

Answer: It is slightly easier with two able-bodied adults. If the wallpaper is from the floor up, it is easy enough for one person. If the wall needs a ladder to get to the base of the wallpaper, we advise a second person to pass the strips of wallpaper to the person applying it to the wall. 

Question: Is the wallpaper like the old wallpaper with a bucket of glue and mess?

Answer: No, that is why we have do many FAQ's, because that old style wallpaper has people scared and confused. 

Question: How big can you go with a wallpaper in width?

Answer: Most of our images were drum scanned from the original 35mm film, which enables us to print (within reason) as big as the customer wants.

Question: How difficult is it to instal a wallpaper that is 4 meters wide?

Answer: The printed image comes in strips that are 700mm wide and easy to handle. With a 4 meter wide wall the customer will recieve a heavy duty postal tube in the mail with 6 printed strips that are all numbered from left to right. The customer, once the wall is prepared/clean and ready then peels off strip number one and applies to the wall. If they do not get it quite right, they peel it off and reset. Even once the wallpaper has been on the wall for months you can still peel it off if you can get to a corner, then stick it back down again with no need for glue. It is quite amazing. 

Question: How long will it take me to instal, with a friend?

Answer: Average wall will take about 60-90 minutes depending on how precise you want to be.

Question: Does the wall need to be internal?

Answer: No. Most of the walls we do are internal and on gyprock. We have other printable stock for concrete walls that is slightly more expensive. We have outdoor stock too, for exterior walls. 

Question: Can I receive the high resolution file and print the wallpaper with my local printer?

Answer: Generally speaking, no. 

Question: If I represent a commercial entity and want to use and image for display in a commercial premises with advertising on it, is that allowed?

Answer: Of course, but this is a commercial licensing agreement and you need to contact us to negotiate the terms. 

Question: I am doing the fit-out for a new hotel in Sydney and we want wallpaper in 53 rooms, is this something you can facilitate?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I live in a rental home and want to fit out a wall. Will the wallpaper, when I remove it, peel the paint off?

Answer: No, if the paint is not old and flakey when the wallpaper is applied. If old paint and you leave the decal on there for a year or two, then possibly yes. 

Question: Can I remove the wallpaper and take it to another location for a different wall.

Answer: With a fair bit of effort you could do that. You need some plastic coated paper to stick the wallpaper to and a lot of patience and then to find a new wall that will fit the same sizing. 


Question: How much does a wallpaper cost?

Answer : Each wallpaper is custom printed to the customers specifications and we work on a per square meter rate that is usually between $100-$150. If your wall is 4 meters wide x 2.3 meters tall, that is 9.2 square meters and between $920-$1380. 

Question: I have an image that I took and want to use that, can you help?

Answer: Yes - we can get a trade discount on your printing if you have a high resolution version of your image, or a RAW file. 

Question: If I have a wall that I am interested in getting a wallpaper for, what are the first steps. 

Answer: Take measurements of the wall and email them to us, with a photo of the space and your desired image. We will then doctor up a crude example of how the wall might look, in photoshop. Once we settle on the right image, the size, stock and any other fine points we then send you the invoice and once paid we begin the printing and freight. 

Question: If I order a wallpaper today how long will it take until I receive the product? 

Answer: It is usually around 7 working days from the moment the invoice has been paid. In some cases we can get it done faster, it depends on the demand we have with the printer at the time of purchase.  

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