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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Midget Farrelly - Panoramic Narrabeen 1965

Photo by John Pennings.

One of the iconic Midget Farrelly images, taken in 1965 at Narrabeen. 

As you can see from below, we offer this image in a different format to normal, due to the composition.

You can have it as a standard A4 format print OR a wide panoramic. 

Hodaddy is the exclusive licensee of John Pennings archives. 

John Pennings images are printed and despatched by Hodaddy. Once the customer has placed an order, they will be contacted about the specifics of the item, if they would like an embedded signature and photo description, what paper or canvas stock they would like the images printed on. 

Please contact us for more information or order your photo and we will be in touch. 

For more information about the photographer go here

For a Midget Farrelly watercolour go here.

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