SwitchFoot III

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SwitchFoot - The Other Side of Surfing 1960-1976

256 pages, hardbound. 

*There were 2000 of this book printed and it will not be printed again. 

Focusing on the characters of the 1960s era and strictly 'pre professionalism' (1976) this book interviews dozens of at the elders/legends in surfing probing their thoughts, feelings and opinions on 15 dedicated subjects including;

- board design

- influential characters

- shortboard revolution

- peak experience

- the 60s culture

Laced with the iconic photographs that the SwitchFoot publications are known for, there are prominent photographic contributions from;

- John Pennings, Leo Hetzel, Bob Weeks, Dave Milnes, Steve Wilkings, Peter Green and Ron Perrott. 

With further photographic contributions from;

George Greenough, Dick Hoole, John Severson, Jack Eden, Bill Ogden, Mal and Barrie Sutherland, Chris Brock, Albe Falzon, Jack McCoy … and others. 


George Greenough

Bob McTavish

Wayne Lynch

Bill Wallace

Joe Larkin

Gordon Woods

Baddy Treloar

Jack Eden

Gerry Lopez

Peter Harris



Nat Young

Neal Purchase SNR

Maurice Cole

ALBE Falzon

Chris Brock

Bob Cooper

Michael Cundith

Peter Drouyn

Geoff McCoy

Jack McCoy

Jim Banks

Mark Richards

Ken Adler

John Peck

Paul Gross

Paul Witzig

Peter Troy

Phyllis Odonnel

Rusty Miller

Robert Conneeley

MIke Doyle

Dick Van Straalen

Tom MOREY!!!


"Switch-Foot should be hailed for resurrecting then immortalizing images of a bygone beach lifestyle. Also for stoking the eternal debate about whether surfing is a sport, subculture, state of mind or all of the above." Chad Watson, Sydney Morning Herald. 

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