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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Switch-Foot II

This video describes the book well.
We made this book and the 'SwitchFoot Trilogy'; The books were published independently in 2005, 2009 and 2014. 
If you are in the United States, we are right now in the process of securing some independent shops to stock this book. Via popular demand (10 YEARS after it was published) these books are perhaps even more relevant. 
  • 90 contributors
  • 368 pages
  • 1000 + unique images
  • 16 'Legends of the Lens' - 35mm images from the golden era of surfing
  • limited print run. 
  • 100% independent and no commercial agenda.
  • One mans vision, 

    "Switch-Foot should be hailed for resurrecting then immortalizing images of a bygone beach lifestyle. Also for stoking the eternal debate about whether surfing is a sport, subculture, state of mind or all of the above." Chad Watson, Sydney Morning Herald. 

    'It's too heavy to hold in the bathtub. This book is a welcome change from the usual corporate stuff.' George Greenough (Pioneer and Inventor)

    'There is something here to resonate with pretty much any surfer, regardless of your perspective on the pursuit of the Utopian ideal. You cant approach 'switch-foot II as you would a 'normal' book. This is not the typical introduction -exposition-conclusion format that you'll find elsewhere. It's more like a trunk full of oddities that you might stumble on in surfing's attic. Wherever you open it and start to delve inside, you'll feel yourself being drawn further in - careful, you can get lost for hours!' Ian Cameron PLB magazine


    'I found myself falling into moments of professional jealousy on more than one occasion - a sure sign that the author is hitting nerves with key discoveries and overlooked nuggets from our hyper-studied realm.'

    Scott Hulet The Surfers Journal (USA)


    'Switch-foot II is a sharp production worthy of the highest accolades.'

    MG from SW Magazine

    'Switch-Foot II reflects an image of surfing when it was a bohemian ideal that mixed salt-crusted fun with spiritual yearning. Old sea dogs will love it.'

    Marc McEvoy (The Herald Sun)



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