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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia

Surfing in the 60s BOOK

Sorry folks - we no longer stock this book...but you can get it for a limited time only for $20!!!! here


New Holland Publishers are coming out with this pictoral focused book in November. We helped them, extensively, with the image archives and some of the historical research. Bob McTavish wrote the foreword. It is 320 pages, hardbound and will be retailing for $55. 

We made a video about the book here 

Mal Sutherland, John Pennings, Bob Weeks and Barrie Sutherland capture a very significant proportion of the 1960s surf culture in Australia. This book has hundreds of black and white images and documents the era from 1960, through the changes and includes chapters titled;

- Surfing in the early 60s

- The Malibu era

- On the beach

- Beach Fashion

- Lifestyle

- Surf Lifesaving

- Competitions

- Surfmobiles

- The shortboard revolution

- Pop culture

-Favourite places

*the images here are screenshots of 2 x double page 4 pages in each give you an idea of the layout. 

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