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George Greenough - surfing memorabilia (Signed)

SOLD --- Gone --- we made two of these --- if you think we should make another one and pester Greenough ---- then hassle me on



This image is from the iconic sequence 'Echoes', shot in 1972/73, part of David Elficks feature length film, 'Crystal Voyager'. Pink Floyd wrote the soundtrack to the 'In-The-Tube' footage that Greenough shot on 16mm film. 

The image is printed on photographic paper and measures 42cm wide x 29.7cm tall. 

It is hand signed, in a white paint pen, by George Greenough and he has also hand written 'if you dont go, you'll never know' adding to the unique collectible that this image is.

*$50 from the sale price goes to the Westpac Helicopter Service, as a donation.

George Greenough is a pioneer of tube riding. The footage he shot from 1969-1973 at Lennox Head, Australia was the first of its kind, in the world of surfing. 


Size Framing Measurements Price
Small Unframed 30cm x 21cm $150.00
Small Framed 30cm x 21cm, (w'frame -60cm x 51cm) $295.00
Medium Unframed 44cm x 28cm  $220.00
Medium Framed 44cm x 28cm, (w'frame -72cm x 60cm) $395.00
Large Unframed 90cm x 60cm $450.00
Large Framed 90cm x 60cm $650.00
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