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The home of 1960s surfing culture in Australia
February 17, 2021


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Marty Tullemans rip

Jack McCoy took this photo and the words below by him. 

Marty Tullemans by Jack McCoy

When Martin Tullemans turned up on the scene in the mid 70’s living on the Gold coast I was not quite sure how to take him. Since I’ve always been attracted to eccentric’s it was not long that the little cub reporter and shooter became part of our little tribe of nut cases, myself included. You had to admire Marty as he took his camera everywhere he went and also became proficient both on land and water surfing shots. He nailed quite a few Iconic shots from the day with his efforts. Someone I can’t remember who named him ’The Cosmic Pigmy’ and it stuck.

Martin also had some highs and lows in his life and the powers that be put him on some medications that didn’t go down too well with him. I remember one year in the I980’s I came out of one of a lane way in Kuta and there  was Martin in the middle of the street stopping traffic with a pair of NunChucka’s going off yelling out sort of a war cry.

I turned to one of the Balinese standing there watching the show and I asked him what was going on? He told me that “he say’s he’s a Cosmic Pigmy and that he’s a Martian. I don’t believe him”

“Well let me be the first to tell you that he is a the original one and only Cosmic Pigmy and he’s not a martian, his name is MARTIN.” The guy looked at me and went “OH”…..

It took me a couple of days for me to find this shot I knew I had somewhere in my files… Marty at Bells 77’ coming out of the bush after having an early morning shit indicating to me how many inches long it was… or some other signal I can’t remember. He asked me not to show anyone at the time and I didn’t however it’s his pixie smile that today makes this shot so special for me. RIP brother Marty… Keep snappin till I join ya… aloha jack

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andrew crockett
andrew crockett


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